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SSR Picks: Usman - April 14 2022

Hello, and thanks for reading.

I am out sick from work unfortunately, but I will still pay my dues here with a brief Staff Pick. Over the weekend I rode with DESTRUCT up to NYC and Philly for some gigs they were playing. LIFELESS DARK was originally on the NYC bill but was replaced with CHURCH CLOTHES after they dropped. I had yet to listen to CHURCH CLOTHES, but I recognized the name from packing up dozens of their EPs for mail-order. This is a common theme in my life, unfortunately. Why don’t I just spin the damn record when I am packing countless copies? When I learned I was going to see them, I had no idea what to expect. Well, I got my fuckin wig split. They blew the doors off the club. They were the first band to play, too, so I find all this even more impressive. I have yet to listen to the EP still haha, regardless I certainly look forward to seeing them again. Seeing DESTRUCT two nights in a row was fucking excellent. I already thought they were one of my favorite bands from the States currently, and this weekend did nothing but reinforce this belief. DESTRUCT is a well-oiled machine. They are hardcore perfection. I can’t wait til their next LP is out. I was lucky enough to hear the tracks from said LP, but they have since released a new cassette with some live recordings where two songs from the upcoming LP are featured. We had a nice stack of these, but sold em all already. I know the band has a few copies left on the bandcamp I linked and Grave Mistake has some as well. Alright that’s all for this week. I hope everybody is taking care, and thanks for reading! Peace.

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