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SSR Picks: Rich - 2021 Year in Review

This past year fucking sucked. Here is some shit I liked.


Blammo “Onomatopoeia” (State Laughter)

Cerebral Rot “Excretion of Mortality” (20 Buck Spin)

CIA Debutante “Dust” (Siltbreeze)

Cochonne “Emergency” (Sorry State)

Cube “Drug of Choice” (Alter)

Hologram “No Longer Human” (Iron Lung)

Marv “Keyboard Suite 1” (Enmossed)

Quarantine “Agony” (Damage United)

Tower 7 “… Peace on Earth?” (Roachleg)

USA/Mexico “Del Rio” (12XU)


Electric Chair “Social Capital” (Iron Lung)

Gimmick “S/T” (Sorry State)

Horrendous 3D “The Gov. and Corps. …” (Whisper In Darkness)

Urin “Afekt” (Static Age)

Vivisected Numbskulls “Swine in Chains” (Chaotic Uprising)


Antisocial Action “Rot in Chemical World” (Chaotic Uprising)

Horrendous Cutthroat System “Demo” (Manic Noise)

Pilgrim Screw “S/T” (Impotent Fetus)

SQK Fromme “S/T” (Self-Released)

Status Set “Music for Cowards” (Self-Released)

Reissues/Archival Releases:

Asylum “Is This the Price?” (Demo Tapes)

Kyoufu Shinbun “Death Training” (Bitter Lake)

MNK Project “妄想族” (F.O.A.D.)

Negative Reaction “S/T” (Zaius Tapes)

Screamers “Demo Hollywood 1977” (Superior Viaduct)

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