SSR Picks: Rachel - January 20 2022

When I was a kid, I would line up and organize most things I could get my hands on—pokemon cards, toy animals, beanie babies. I’ve realized I’ve graduated from those toys to records; the other week I alphabetized my collection. No particular reason, I guess I wanted to see if any patterns emerged. I didn’t realize anything besides I hated my shelves being organized alphabetically. So I spent most of my day off putting things back by genre (and then alphabetically within that) and my brain is much happier with it.

Like I said, I didn’t make any revelations about my collecting habits, but I did realize I own way more Czarface than I expected. They are great at putting out amazing variants, and I fell victim to the black and white rendition of Czarface meets Metal Face (among others). Super slick packaging and sleek white vinyl for a release I didn’t have yet, so it was a no brainer when I saw it in an order a few months ago.

Czarface is also one of the few artists I seek out when I’m listening to music digitally. I listen to a lot of NPR, podcasts, and CDs, so I don’t have a lot of instances where I’m pulling something up on my phone, but Czarface works in 99% of those situations. I really love sample-heavy music because it’s like Eye Spy for your ears. I feel like I come away learning something new if I listen to something with a lot of unique sampling.

Anyways, Czarface Meets Metal Face is rich with interesting samples, like most of the group’s work. I haven’t gone super deep, so I don’t know the origins of the samples but I don’t think I’m finished figuring out all the ones that interest me! I like to think all you newsletter readers have great taste and I’m speaking into an echo chamber when I talk about current music but, who knows, maybe I’m wrong? Not about your taste (it’s obviously great if you’ve made it this far into the newsletter), but about Czarface. If that’s the case, start with this release and PLEASE go down a deep hole of their music.

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