SSR Picks: Rachel - February 3 2022

Angel Hair - S/T 7"

All of this talk about a 00s revival and some festival in Vegas (haha) has me reminiscing on my middle school emo phase. It’s funny to see the things I was ridiculed for become trendy 15 years later… I’ll just say I was ahead of my time. I have been spending a lot of my car rides listening to From First to Last and The Used, continually surprising myself with how much I still LOVE their early releases. I don’t wear stud belts and wish for straight hair anymore, but I guess you can never get the angst out of the 00s emo kid.

All of this to say, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I’ve been gravitating towards 90s hardcore/emo/screamo/post-hardcore/whatever the fuck type of music you’d categorize Angel Hair. I was initially transfixed by their packaging—as a printmaker, I always make it a point to listen to something with compelling hand printed packaging. The music matched the manic, monotype style I saw on the sleeve and I immediately fell in love. They are similar to other bands I’ve written about who put out 7”s in the 90s—grungy, feedback-y, chaotic Dillinger Escape Plan-esque hardcore. So far I’ve only collected their self-titled 7” and a split they did with a band called Fisticuffs Bluff (also a great band, I found out) but I’m eager to snag more of their discography.

But the cool part of this band is a Blogspot I found linked to their Discogs page. I don’t stray far from my roots, because I love emo and I love a good Blogspot page and have since I was barely a teenager. As you can imagine, googling ‘Angel Hair’ doesn’t have many fruitful results and the Discogs page of the band and members don’t provide much information. I think this blog was done by a fan and not a member, but it’s hard to tell. Someone lovingly and painstakingly scanned in flyers, physical releases, and other ephemera relating to Angel Hair. There are so many cool flyers and I even found a lithograph one of the band members made inspired by the art on their self-titled 7”! Knew I liked these dudes… printmakers just know their people. If you want to do some deep diving into the scene in Colorado in the 90s, check this blog out. And do yourself the favor of listening to Angel Hair while you browse!

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