SSR Picks: Rachel - February 17 2022

Short n’ sweet this week. We got a package from Me Saco Un Ojo earlier this week and I made the mistake of queuing them all up during my shift. I knew Undergang ripped but the rest of the bands? Fucking killer. It’s a mistake because my hold pile is getting out of hand and I’m having such a hard time convincing myself against all these titles, ack! I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself from buying the Ossuary LP. That is hands down my favorite. But the Hyperdontia record is nuts; super worth listening to. Today I’ll be making my way through the new Undergang joints we got in and probably kicking myself for wanting to buy those, too. This job is such a blessing and a curse; I love going into work every day, but holy shit Daniel needs to stop finding all these ways to part me with my money. Check out all the new Me Saco Un Ojo releases we got in and help me shake a fist at Daniel for finding all the best shit.

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