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SSR Picks: Rachel - April 14 2022

It’s a weird week. But, as Dom always says, we have records to rely on to make us feel better! As we finished up pricing the collection Daniel went to Denver for, I somehow found even more ‘grail’ items I had to take home. I keep making a joke that me and that collector are the same person. Doom/stoner/sludge metal, international folk music, sound effects, old country records… everything I love.

But what got me the MOST excited (besides the David Lynch record I wrote about a few weeks ago) are the few Harvey Milk records I found in the collection. I think Harvey Milk was one of those bands I found on an old Blogspot page and have loved ever since. They are a very doomy, slow, noisy experimental metal band from Athens, GA. They were mainly active in the early 90s and their discography isn’t huge. What a bummer. I could listen to so many more albums of theirs. From what I can glean on the internet and the liner notes of the reissues I picked up, they were a well loved band when they were around and I can only imagine a big portion of it has to do with their live sets. I love the music on the internet or a record, but live must’ve been a totally different beast.

It’s also kind of full circle that I found some Harvey Milk records at Sorry State because I have a very vivid memory of missing out on one of their releases a few years ago. Anyone that shops in store knows the struggle of picking out some amazing stuff throughout the store and then, as you check out, you dig through the rare bins and find something with a hefty price tag that’s almost too good to pass up. That happened to me… I decided to grab the records in my hands instead of the rare Harvey Milk record that was worth my entire total. I thought, who the fuck knows this band? It’ll be here in a few weeks! Lo and behold, my boss at the time (shout out to Danny from Holy Mountain and his amazing record collection) posted a picture of the Harvey Milk record, saying he picked it up from Sorry State a day after I put it back. UGH. But now I have not one, but THREE of their records in my collection thanks to the guy I lovingly call The Denver Dude. If you’re not familiar with Harvey Milk, you best get to listening!

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