SSR Picks: Jeff - February 24 2022

What’s up Sorry Staters?

Sorry that I slacked off and didn’t write anything for last week’s newsletter. I promised myself this round that I’d have something really rad prepared. But I am once again finding myself here on Thursday morning feeling like I have nothing cool or interesting to say about any of our new releases. Big surprise, right? Lots of other little concerns have occupied my brain space I guess. Needless to say, it’s so sick that Death Church is officially back in print. It makes me happy that even some of the local rock fans are popping into the shop to grab a copy. Our supply is dwindling, so make sure you snag yourself a copy before they’re gone.

Lately, I’ve been listening to music in the car while driving a lot. I try to find punk tunes that make me feel the most badass, as if I were rocking wraparound shades while cruising the SoCal backstreets in a black & white movie. Maybe in a tricked out lowrider? I’m just kidding, I don’t really know shit about cars. But in this daydream scenario, only the meanest and rudest punk bangers will do. I’ve been obsessively listening to “Don’t Push Me Around” by The Zeros like every 5 minutes. It just rips. For being released in 1977, it already has that loose, youthful and snotty aggression that hints at the hardcore scene on the horizon. There’s something about that opening riff and how even with it being pretty simple, it’s so dirgey and powerful, almost like Discharge slowed down. So catchy, so nasty. And the b-side of the single “Wimp” ain’t too shabby either. For every single released by The Romantics or whoever, Bomp was putting out some seedy rippers from the other end of the “punk/power pop” spectrum. I recently considered purchasing an og copy of this single, but do I really wanna pay over $100 for 2 songs? You’re so right, I probably should just do it.

Do your buddy Jeff a favor… it’s supposed to be nice out tomorrow (at least here in Raleigh), so put on a pair of shades and blast some Zeros while you’re weaving in and out of traffic. Get a little dangerous. Maybe get into a street brawl! …well, maybe not all that. But definitely blast The Zeros.

As always, thanks for reading.

‘Til next week,


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