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Record of the Week: Yleiset Syyt - Umpikujamekanismi 7"

Yleiset Syyt: Umpikujamekanismi 7" (Open Up and Bleed Recordings) Umpikujamekanismi is the third vinyl release by this hardcore band from Finland. Yleiset Syyt's first LP from 2007 flew under our radar, but we raved about 2019's self-titled EP when it came out. As good as that record was, though, for me Umpikujamekanismi blows it out of the water. A contemporary Finnish hardcore band with an 80s aesthetic is pretty much catnip to us here at Sorry State, but this EP is so much better than simply a good example of its style or a flavor of the week. You know you're in for something special right from the first track, "Opportunistin Alkuilta." It starts with big, rhythmic punches, establishing right away that this record will have a perfect 80s tone. After that, rather than going straight for the throat with something nasty, the bass introduces the song's main riff, which has a subtle touch of melody, more "Nervous Breakdown" than Discharge. It only gets better from there, as you hear the totally pissed-sounding vocals, the rhythm section reveals its Minor Threat-esque nimbleness, and the guitarist experiments with more complex chords a la Articles of Faith. I'm sure that, given Yleiset Syyt is Finnish, they'll garner plenty of comparisons to bands like Appendix and Lama, and they certainly resemble those bands. However, in terms of production and energy level, it sounds just as much like the first handful of Dischord or Touch & Go singles to me. Those records changed many lives, and while it remains to be seen how many lives Yleiset Syyt change, Umpikujamekanismi gives me goosebumps in exactly the same way.

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