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Record of the Week: Vivisekted Numbskulls: 4 More Tracks cassette

Vivisekted Numbskulls: 4 More Tracks cassette (Chaotic Uprising Productions) 2nd tape from this new punk band out of New York. We raved about their first tape a few months back (in fact, we made it Record of the Week back on August 6, 2020), and this new one hones their sound even further. As before, the UK82 sound is a big inspiration with simple but catchy riffs, gruff vocals, and fist-pumping, 1-2-1-2 drumbeats. However, 4 More Tracks  is a little quirkier. This recording reminds me of early 80s Japanese records because of the overall groove (which is never blazing fast or frantic) and because of the very clear separation between the instruments in the recording. Most bands today go for a wall of sound production style where everything bleeds together, but this more open sound works well too, since it makes it clear how fucked up and nasty the guitar sound is. I hear Vivisekted Numbskulls has a flexi coming soon, and I’m stoked because these first two tapes are killer.


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