Record of the Week: Vivisected Numbskulls: 4 Track Demo cassette

Vivisected Numbskulls: 4 Track Demo cassette (Chaotic Uprising Productions) This debut cassette from New York’s Vivisected Numbskulls is one of those releases that blew me away on the first listen. The pounding 1-2-1-2 drums and tough but anthemic vocals bring to mind UK82 and early oi! like the Partisans and Blitz, but the blown-to-shit guitar sound and Discharge-inspired vocal patterns keep it from being too on the nose. It’s funny, for two styles as related as UK82 and d-beat, there aren’t a ton of bands who blend the two subgenres, at least not as seamlessly as Vivisected Numbskulls. The first track, “Death Is Our Way of Life,” is the hit for me. There are so many cool and memorable parts in the song: the vocals are super catchy; I love the way the drums go these long, descending fills for the chorus (a la “Religion Instigates” by Discharge); and the two-note guitar solo (!!!) is drowning in cold, haunting reverb that makes me think of obscure Japanese punk flexis. This one has it all: a cool aesthetic and great tunes to back it up.


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