Record of the Week: Suffocating Madness - S/T 7"

Suffocating Madness: S/T 7” (Roach Leg Records) Two of the hottest labels in the game right now, Roach Leg Records and Active-8 Records, bring us the debut by this new project from New York. Suffocating Madness has a few Sorry State connections, with Jesse from Sorry State alumni Bukkake Boys (as well as New York’s Extended Hell) on guitar and Pancho, who plays guitar on the upcoming Scalple LP on Sorry State, on vocals. That’s a strong pedigree, and Suffocating Madness lives up to any expectations you might have based on the lineup and the awesome cover art. While Suffocating Madness is a hardcore band, they also have elements of UK82 and metal in their sound, reminding me of records like Broken Bones’ Bonecrusher and GBH’s City Baby’s Revenge that added a hint of musical sophistication to the punk/hardcore formula. This is particularly true of the two songs on the b-side, both of which have Motorhead-ish galloping rhythms that are as infectious as they are intense. More than just stringing together sick riffs or building punishing sound, you get the impression that Suffocating Madness writes songs, as these four tracks stick to your ribs more than most bands that operate as these tempos. As catchy and song-oriented as this stuff is, though, it’s still 100% hardcore, ripping and intense. I’m not sure if Suffocating Madness is a full-fledged band or just a project, but I’m hoping we hear more because these four songs smoke and I think this band could make an incredible LP.

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