Record of the Week: Suck Lords: Songs the Lords Taught Us 7" flexi

Suck Lords: Songs the Lords Taught Us 7” (Edger) One of the best current hardcore bands in the world hits us with another blast, this time a 5 song sprint across one side of a red vinyl flexi. Suck Lords came out of the gate strong with their early tape releases, but they’ve only grown stronger since they’ve transitioned to vinyl. These five tracks sound like they were conceived and executed in a pressure cooker, the music uncomfortably compressed and eager to burst from whatever might contain it. Tempos approach those of the fastest fastcore and grind bands, but there’s no metal here… just hardcore moving with speed and power that defies my understanding of physics. Listening to this record, even though it’s brief, is almost too much. I have to take a deep breath when I drop the needle because I know it will be a white knuckle ride to the other side. Suck Lords sacrifice every other musical quality on their path toward total intensity, but they achieve something pure and airtight here, a Brancusi sculpture re-figured as a perfect hardcore EP.

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