Record of the Week: Suck Lords: Second Lords cassette

Suck Lords: Second Lords cassette (Edger) After an earlier cassette and a 7”, here’s a new 5-song ripper from Portland’s Suck Lords. Rightly or wrongly, I associate Suck Lords with a new crop of hardcore bands that channel the fast, raw, and wild sound of groups like Koro, the Neos, and Deep Wound. The Koro influence is palpable on the three tracks in the middle of this cassette, which nail the mile-a-minute, all-go-no-slow sound of the Koro EP. The tracks that bookend the tape feel more ambitious with more parts and some tricky-sounding riffs and changes, but there isn’t a single second here that skimps on intensity. It is a bare-bones affair; the packaging contains no lyrics, no information about the band (other than a contact email), and doesn’t even have a track listing. However, it doesn’t feel lazy or incomplete, but rather distilled down to its bare essentials, just like the music. If you get excited about new hardcore bands like Nosferatu and Alienation you should buy every Suck Lords release, this one included.

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