Record of the Week & Staff Picks: July 25, 2019

Loose Nukes: Demo 7” (Cruel Noise) Demo-on-vinyl from this all-star band featuring Jim Shomo of Dark Thoughts on vocals, Eric & Tom of Blood Pressure on guitar & bass and Vince of Sickoids on drums. These are people who have made some of my favorite hardcore punk records ever, and Loose Nukes plays with the confidence of a band who knows exactly what the fuck they are doing. The riffs are classics in the making, the vocals and lyrics are great, and the playing is perfect, tight enough to sound together but loose enough to convey the swagger this band deserves to carry themselves with. I could list a bunch of bands they remind me of, but it would be obvious… let’s just say this sounds like 100% classic US hardcore. You should pick this up immediately, because it’s limited to only 300 copies, and it’s not likely to stick around long.

Staff Picks: Jeff

Larma: S/T 12"

Lately, I’ve been stoked on the debut release from this new band out of Sweden.  After discovering that Larma was the new project from members of Herätys and Skitkids, it was pretty much a no-brainer that this LP was going to be right up my alley.  Larma is an assembly of seasoned Swedish hardcore linchpins, delivering mängel in the best of traditions.  And no surprise -- it totally rages!  For some reason, I find myself reacting toward this record favorably with no hesitation.  I thought about why the record’s so immediate, and part of the problem is that there’s just a lot of “d-beat”/”raw punk”/whatever stuff out there these days. For me, Larma doesn’t really fall into the usual trappings of crust-adjacent music that makes those types of records total snoozers.  Sure, there’s a theme-appropriate photo of an explosion on the front cover, but this LP is so refreshing in its ability to be fucking intense while still being fun and exciting.I already got my copy from overseas because I’m a nerd and couldn’t wait. But before long, a US version will be available from the dependably killer Beach Impediment label.

Staff Picks: Vincent

Laghonia - Unglue LP (Repsychled)

By now, readers should know Dominic as one of the new kids to the SSR family -- he’s known around town as a deep purveyor of the cool mod sounds, and I credit him for introducing me to this bangin’ slice of vintage rock. Hailing from Peru’s late-60s rock’n roll scene, Laghonia followed a familiar trajectory of its time: British Invasion-style pop to heavier psych. What initially stood out were the bass riffs: hard, funky, and locked-in. An essential trait, as this 2004 collection of rehearsal tracks and instrumentals gets wild: it’s lo-fi loose and is never afraid to ride out a good riff, letting solos fly and barely bringing it all back together. The sheer expressiveness smooths over the constant fudging, leading to a fascinating listen of hit after hit.

Staff Picks: Eric

Loose Nukes: Demo 7" - I'm loving this record. Straight up fast af hardcore the way it should be. No bullshit here. I'm even more excited for about the cassette they put out recently for their Euro tour (which I believe is a precursor to a new 7"?).

The News: The Kids Are Dancing 7" - This ain't new by any stretch, but this is a band I've discovered recently. Awesome 77 style punk/mod from freaking Wyoming! Delightfully catchy. I love discovering cool and/or overlooked punk from unassuming places. Seth mentioned to me that a Portuguese label called "Different Class Records" has reissued this 7", so I might have to place an order soon!

Corvo: Demo Cassette - Badass, tight, and insanely fast punk from DC. Keep an eye out for these young punks; I foresee them doing lots of really cool things.

Staff Picks: Seth

Favorite New Release: Detainees: Demo 7" (Double Man Records) There's so much awesome stuff out now. It was hard to pick one, but this one is probably what I have come back to the most.  Re-imaginings of California punk while being stuck in the Midwest.   Definitely some Agnew influence dripping from this.  Reminds me of a less out there Young Wasteners. Definitely awesome and worth picking up. 
Other Things I've been Listening To: I love reissues of expensive things I want to own but don't want to toss $100+ at.  I have been vocal of my pro-reissue stance,  I mean hey that's like $100 I can spend on more records.  I was very excited to find out that The News'  great The Kids Are Dancing 7" was reissued by Different Class records in Portugal.  The Kids Are Dancing is a power pop banger.  Well worth paying for that shipping.  Also it includes 2 unreleased songs from a second 7" that was never released.  Those songs aren't as good as the two songs from the original release but aren't throwaways either. If you like cutesy power pop that you can shuffle your feet to awkwardly while alone at your house then grab this one. 

Another cool thing that might get passed over is the Anemic Boyfriends reissue on HoZac.  Very rocked out punk from Alaska.  This collects both of their A-sides on one record, even though I think they should have included the bizarre Guys are Not Proud.  If you like lo-fi glam inspired kinda-punk then this is a cool one. Honestly I can't think of another punk band of this era from Alaska.  I'm sure there are others so maybe I'll have to do some looking around. 

Staff Picks: Dominic

Eric and I were listening to a record from a collection that I priced, The Squares: Trapped in a Square on Hangman Records, 1991. Pretty good bluesy, garage definitely in the Medway Delta camp. They were a trio from Nancy, France and fit right in with Thee Headcoats and all those Billy Childish/Medway bands. Technically not a new pick but we will have it for sale in the store. I think I would like to try and feature each week some of the cooler or interesting used finds that we are adding to the store perhaps. Then secondly, continuing that blues rock garage theme, I would like to recommend my friends from New York, Daddy Long Legs and their latest LP on Yeproc, Lowdown Ways. This is their third LP and was recorded on the South Side of Chicago and has a great blend of blues harp, steel guitar and fuzz, backed with a primitive stompin' beat. Again definitely for fans of The Pretty Things, Thee Headcoats, early Stones, The Downliners Sect etc. etc. Check out single Pink Lemonade for an example. Their first two records on Norton are also worthy of investigation.

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