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Record of the Week: Ninth Circle: Awake Horrors 7"

Ninth Circle: Awake Horrors 7” (self-released) Awake Horrors is the debut 7” from this band out of Texas, and it’s an under the radar ripper. When I checked out Ninth Circle my first impression was that they sounded like M.A.N.-era G.I.S.M. fused with the catchy, goth’d out metal of Devil Master. I still think this description works, and if you’re a fan of Devil Master or Zorn, check this out right away. My favorite parts of the record, though, are when Ninth Circle stretches out into a longer instrumental passage, which they do often with their intros and outros. These parts sound more metal than the more G.I.S.M.-y parts with vocals, and the leads are melodic and memorable without sounding cheesy at all… some parts even have a neoclassical touch a la Mercyful Fate. It’s rare that a band can sound this ripping and gritty while still being so catchy.


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