Record of the Week: Necro Heads - Mindless 7"

Necro Heads: Mindless 7” (Kill Enemy Records) We carried a demo tape from this Pittsburgh hardcore band a while back, now they’re back with a total rager of a debut EP. Necro Heads’ sound is burly, straightforward hardcore that I’d put in the same bucket as SOA, Negative FX, Negative Approach, early Agnostic Front… basically the heavier, meaner end of the early 80s USHC sound. While the longer (i.e. one-minute) tracks allow room for the slightest hint of tunefulness, my favorite tracks are the two 30-second smashers that open the record. Necro Heads build both songs around dead simple riffs that prove three chords and a bad attitude are all you need to make great hardcore. You won’t find anything fancy or unexpected here, just eight tracks of compact, punishing US-style hardcore with perfect production and all the energy and anger you need.

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