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Record of the Week: Morwan: Zola-Zemya LP

Morwan: Zola-Zemya 12” (Feel It) Zola-Zemya is the debut LP from this project out of Kiev, Ukraine, a locale we don’t hear from too often around here. While it’s on Feel It Records, it’s not like any of their previous releases. Feel It puts out some of the most forward-thinking music in the punk underground these days, but this stands out even on their eclectic roster. There is some inspiration from the post-punk era, but Morwan is about as far from a retread or a soundalike as you can get (or, at least, if there are older bands that sound like this, then I haven’t heard them). When I first listened, the elements that stuck out to me were the “eastern” sounding melodies and traditional Arabic instrumentation. I’ve listened to a lot of psychedelic and jazz music that explores these types of sounds, but I’ve never heard an artist who melded them with driving and atmospheric post-punk in this way, and I found it immediately captivating. As I’ve continued to listen, this record only seems more unique and enigmatic. It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard, but it has just enough of the music I already know and love to make me feel at home. The production is also warm and raw, more like a strong DIY release than something that’s shooting for wider accessibility. This is so unique that I’m a long way from understanding it—much less describing it—but I can say that if you crave bands that excite you with their originality and innovation, this is a must buy.

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