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Record of the Week: Matrix: Demo 7"

Matrix: Demo EP 7” (Weirdly) Chicago’s Weirdly record reissues another Chicago-area punk demo on vinyl, and while all of them have been interesting this may well be the best of the bunch. Matrix’s four tracks here split the difference between Coneheads / Liquids-style egg punk and tight, Gauze-inspired hardcore. The odd guitar sound and snotty vocals are part of what made this demo light the YouTubes up a while back, but those of you digging on bands like Nosferatu and Unix will love the lightning-fast tempos and changes. The drumming is out of control, with wild and catchy fills careening off in every direction. Matrix also loves coming to a full stop and letting the drummer do quick stick clicks before they fly back into it. Classic move! While this 7” is short, every second is of the highest quality. And like all the Weirdly releases this is limited so don’t let it pass you by!

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