Record of the Week: Judy & the Jerks: Friendships Formed in the Pit 12"

Judy & the Jerks: Friendships Born in the Pit 12” (Neck Chop) I love everything about Judy & the Jerks, and I couldn’t be more stoked to have a 12” record to play the crap out of. Friendships Formed in the Pit compiles previously released (on cassette) material and throws in some exclusive tracks, devoting the a-side to six originals and the b-side to five scorching cover versions that are well worth hearing. While hardcore can be grim and humorless, Judy & the Jerks is proof that it doesn’t have to be. Like the Big Boys, they’re all about fun, fun, fun, and while they’re as ripping as any po-faced bunch of twenty-something boys wearing fancy sneakers and/or a denim vest, their music makes me feel excited and alive rather than agitated or angry. I’m sure part of that is the members’ personalities coming out in the music (I don’t know as I haven’t met them), but it takes a ton of musical skill to articulate that vibe so perfectly. The string of covers that closes the record—the Go-Go’s, Die Kreuzen, and the Buzzcocks—is the perfect example of the Jerks’ exquisite taste and flexibility as players, not to mention a good approximation of the band’s own originals if you put those three groups in a blender on its gnarliest setting. Friendships Formed in the Pit is a shoe-in for my year-end favorites list and one of the most remarkable hardcore punk records of 2019.

Staff Picks: Jeff

Loose Nukes: Behind the Screen 7” - So it’s been a week or more since we got these into the store, but I feel like I still need to write about it because it rips so hard! 2nd batch of songs from this PA hardcore punk band. This band is an assembly of people who were in countless other high-caliber groups.  A couple of the dudes were in Blood Pressure -- But compared to that band, these Loose Nukes songs, rather than being military tight, seem a bit less intricate or slaved over.  Loose Nukes feels more off-the-cuff, urgent and snotty. Love it, perfect hardcore. Also, cramming 8 songs on a 7” is the way it should be.

Adderall: Vs. Big Pharma 7” - Had to give some love to the new platter from this NC band. Fuck all your “egg vs. chain” bullshit, Adderall is just a killer hardcore band.  The songs on this EP feel exhilarating and chaotic while still thoughtfully constructed.  The riffs feel classic while still refreshing.  The music isn’t obscured by being overly washed with noise, the recording is clear and punchy. And while I think the musicianship is great, the standout for me is the vocals. Like a demon crawling out of hell, the shredded, nasty voice that topples these blasts of energy is disturbing and shiver-inducing. So cool.

Staff Picks: Eric

If you haven't picked up Bootlicker, Larma, Loose Nukes, Nosferatu, Obsessio, or Irreal yet you are fucking up big time. Some of the best stuff to happen all year came into our shop the past two weeks!


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