Record of the Week: Idiota Civilizzato: S/T LP

Idiota Civilizzato: S/T 12” (Static Shock) I liked Idiota Civilizzato’s earlier 7” on Static Shock (and we still have copies in stock(, but with this 12” the band catapults themselves to another level, placing them on par with the groups that set the current scene’s bar for intensity and complexity. Idiota Civilizzato rely on a similar stew of influences to their debut—in particular, I hear Wretched’s final LP and Negazione, Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, and Die Kreuzen—but they lay into their sound with newfound power on this 12”. At the risk of overloading this description with comparisons, this LP recalls the Impalers’ power, Blood Pressure’s complexity, and S.H.I.T.’s ability to get deep inside a groove. If you appreciate a powerful band, these musicians’ technical skill will melt your face. However, it might take a handful of listens to appreciate it because the riffs are so densely packed and layered. There isn’t a moment to breathe; there’s no space, no let-up in tempo, and no opportunity catch your breath. The only thing you can do is drop the needle and hold on for dear life. I expect that we’ll be seeing this LP on many best of 2018 lists, and deservedly so. If you have even a passing interest in the current DIY hardcore scene, you should make a point to check this out.


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