Record of the Week: Idiota Civilizzato: Civilta Idiota 7"

Idiota Civilizzato: Civilita Idiota 7” (Static Shock) Germany’s premier fake Italian hardcore band follow up their great debut 12” with four new songs, and I, for one, am still smitten. For me, Idiota Civilizzato’s particular genius lies in their ability to combine primal power with a level of complexity that can border on the prog-y if you squint hard enough. They sound as wild as Negazione, as powerful as Impalers, and as nimble as Die Kreuzen, something that seems almost impossible, yet the truth is in the grooves. I’m glad I got to see this band live, because it’s hard for me to imagine anyone figuring out what the hell is going on with the guitars on “Mente Debole” or “Tutti Parlano Beni De Lei” enough to do a passable cover. Whether you’re an armchair intellectual like me who likes to analyze the unique ways that modern bands advance hardcore punk as a musical genre or if you just love a band who plays loud, fast, and crazy enough to make you jump out of any armchair you might be sitting in, you should be listening to Idiota Civilizzato.


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