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Record of the Week: ICD10 - Pleasure for Everyone cassette

ICD10: Pleasure for Everyone cassette (self-released) Pleasure for Everyone is the first release from Philadelphia’s ICD10, and it’s a ripping slab of left-of-center hardcore. ICD10’s sound is clearly steeped in a deep appreciation for 80s international hardcore. I hear lots of 80s Japanese punk in their sound (particularly in the over-arching sense of creepiness), but the ferocity reminds me of European and Scandinavian greats like Agent Orange (the Dutch one, not the California one) and Crude SS, or even South American records by Ohlo Seco and Ataque Frontal. It’s nasty shit, and summoning the spirit of these older records would be enough to get me excited about a band, but ICD10 pushes things further out. The band has two nimble guitarists, and when they let up on the throttle, you get magical little moments like the lead guitar break in “Hollow Words.” While the vocals are harsh and guttural, effects like delay and distortion allow them to stretch in different directions. There isn’t a Destino Final-esque constant delay on the vocals; instead, the delay pops up at different times and at different speeds, often providing a compelling rhythmic counterpoint to what’s happening with the other instruments. I might be intellectualizing just a little, so I should also ensure you there are plenty of riffs that make you want to Kool Aid Man your way through a wall (see “Static and Stagnant” and “The Pigs”). Whether you’re looking for something original or you just want something to rage out to, Pleasure for Everyone has you covered.

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