Record of the Week: Hate Preachers: Bile of Progress cassette

Hate Preachers: Bile of Progress cassette (Suck Blood) Second tape from this LA band. I flipped out over their first release and Bile of Progress is even better. With a ripping fast sound that walks the line between the fastest and hardest UK82 punk (think Ultra Violent or the Partisans at their fiercest) and manic USHC like early Poison Idea or Koro. Lofty comparisons, right? Well, the band deserves them because this shreds. As before, I can’t imagine a more perfect recording, with Mike Kriebel (who you might know from engineering all of those Beat Sessions tapes) channeling everything I love about those aforementioned classic recordings. If your current playlist features bands like Nosferatu, Suck Lords, Unix, and Alienation, you need this in your collection.

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