Record of the Week: Glueams - Mental / 365 / Arsen

Glueams: Mental / 365 / Arsen 7” (Static Age Musik) Berlin’s Static Age Musik reissues this 1979 Swiss punk single, adding a booklet sleeve with archival material and a bonus track that’s just as good as what’s on the original record. This Glueams single is top-shelf stuff, the kind of thing collector nerds lose their shit over… a top-notch single from an under-the-radar scene that equals songs from better documented scenes we already know and love. “Mental,” the a-side, is the standout here with its woozy, Keith Levine-esque lead guitar line and vicious yet tuneful vocals. That track has appeared on several compilations, including on Killed by Death #6, and once you hear it there’s no mystery why. “365” is a strong track too, but the surprise here is the bonus track, “Arsen,” which has a Thunders-by-way-of-Steve-Jones riff that might remind American punk heads of the Avengers. If you love 70s punk, you shouldn’t pass this one over.

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