Record of the Week: Consec: Bound to This Nightmare 7" flexi

Consec: Bound to this Nightmare 7” flexi (Futile Force Records) Following a couple of demo tapes, Athens, Georgia’s Consec cram a five-track burst of energy into this clear flexi. The sound is early 80s-inspired hardcore distilled down to its essence… short bursts of manic drumming and frantic power chords punctuated only with the occasional SSD-esque breakdown or quick dive bomb / whammy bar workout. Consec’s fast and snotty sound reminds me of the early Necros stuff, which is emphasized by the raw, fuzz-drenched recording. This record sounds like a basement show with too many bodies and too much gear, a perfect punk pressure cooker. If modern fast and raw bands like Violent Christians and Nosferatu get you moving, Consec should be on your radar.

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