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Record of the Week: CB Radio Goregous: S/T 7"

CB Radio Gorgeous: S/T 7” (Thrilling Living / Not Normal) CB Radio Gorgeous dropped a cool tape EP a while back, and this self-titled is their debut entry into the world of vinyl. It’s a total scorcher, a fun and catchy, high-energy blast of perfect punk rock. CB Radio Gorgeous shares members with CCTV, and if you were a fan of that band, you shouldn’t waste any time picking this up. The songs are compact and catchy punk in the Dangerhouse Records mold, tightly played and recorded with clarity and power. The tunes are straightforward, but the vocals are more out there. For ages, punk bands have seemed stuck in the world of growls, barks, and screams, but CB Radio Gorgeous’s singer yelps, squeals, inveighs, and even croons, elevating already strong songs into the realm of modern punk hits. This is just a perfect record; its only flaw is that it’s so short (4 tracks, only one of which breaks two minutes). I hope CB Radio Gorgeous isn’t a one and done group, because I could stand to hear a lot more music this great.

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