Record of the Week: Bombardement: S/T 7"

Bombardement: EP 7” (Symphony of Destruction) I liked the debut 12” from France’s Bombardement that came out last year, but for this latest 7” they’ve changed singers and delivered something even more unique and crushing. The core of their sound, however, carries over from the earlier material. As before, there’s a pronounced Discharge influence, but Bombardement pulls more from the Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing era than Discharge’s more stripped-down earlier material, incorporating metallic elements like fast palm muting and blistering lead guitar and building a heavy, layered sound. Bombardement’s fast rippers stand right next to cream of the crop current bands like Subversive Rite, and the catchy but non-obvious guitar leads are often thrilling. However, my favorite track here is the mid-paced “My Own Satan,” whose main riff has an early Motley Crue / Rant sensibility that makes the track sound unique. This one is a certified ripper.

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