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Record of the Week: Blu Anxxiety: Baptized in Space 7"

Blu Anxxiety: Baptized in Space 7” (Toxic State) Debut vinyl from this new project featuring the former vocalist of Anasazi. I have to say, this 7” blew me away on first listen. Combining elements of Chameleons / Siouxsie-esque poppy post-punk with Boy Harsher-esque pounding beats and adding a big dollop of the raw Toxic State aesthetic, Blu Anxxiety have hit upon a sound that is instantly memorable. The title track on the a-side is a great pop tune that uses a classic Pixies / Nirvana-style loud / quiet / loud formula, but dirties it up with a nasty-sounding drum machine and plenty of noise and grime. The b-side is more of a Boy Harsher / Adult.-style straight up dance floor banger, but it’s raw and punk as fuck. Add in one of the most beautiful Toxic State packaging jobs yet and you have a must-get EP. Blu Anxxiety sounds like a band that could be HUGE, so pick this up now and brag later about how you got in on the ground floor.

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