Record of the Week: Balta: Rendszerszintű Agybaszás 7"

Balta: Rendszerszintű Agybaszás 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus) Now this is what the fuck I’m talking about! La Vida Es Un Mus reaches its ever-probing tendrils into eastern Europe (Budapest, Hungary to be precise) and plucks out a recording that sounds like Sonic the Hedgehog destroying a low-budget recording studio with a sledgehammer. It’s seven tracks of wild, reckless abandon, and I can’t get enough of it. Rendszerszintű Agybaszás serves as an interesting contrast to the Innocent LP I also wrote about this week. While both are excellent hardcore records, they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of their overall feel and their approaches to the genre: everywhere Innocent is considered, composed, and precise, Balta is chaotic and impulsive. Balta has a single-minded devotion to constant, paint-peeling intensity, and there’s no letup in tempo or volume to be found on Rendszerszintű Agybaszás… it’s just a uniform lunge toward oblivion without break or modulation. Capturing a feeling like this on a record is difficult (try recording yourself stabbing incoherently at a guitar for 45 seconds and see how interesting it sounds) and it only happens rarely, so when people like me who crave this kind of unhinged musical release find a record with the goods, we snap it up without a second thought. If you’re one of us, I urge you to do the same.

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