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Outta Style #7

I'm a socially anxious mess most of the time but do enjoy a good party. We all know the wrong music can really kill the mood at a party. Of course this changes depending on party attendees but here's a few of my favorite songs made about parties, for parties.
First up is the song that inspired this blog prompt. I picked this 7" up randomly for like fifty cents and it i sone of the best purchases ever.

I mean I can't think of the last thing I bought for under a dollar that has brought me this much extended joy. This may be the coolest concept single ever. The A-side is an instrumental soul/funk song with the sounds of a house party going on over top. At the end of the song Ruby's neighbor yells for Ruby to shut up. Flip to side B and the song keeps on going along with the party. Now though you get to hear the shouting match between Ruby and her neighbor. Really just a silly fun time, which is right up my alley.

Really there's so much good soul music about partying. Also there are way too many weird song/video mashups on youtube. Another great party song with a weird clip of David Schwimmer from some movie being a little too lecherous.

While not party appropriate content wise I feel like it's hard to get a bunch of punks in a room drinking and not end up singing Cock Sparrer.

Anyways all praise to the God of party

WASH: S/T Cassette - This recording is super dirty and big. It reminds me a lot of the early Henry Fiat's Open Sore LPs in production and slightly in style. There's a ton of melody buried under the distortion and grime. Everything feels so intense and almost oppressive, even the songs that shy away more from being hardcore songs. There's a lot here to satisfy most everyone's tastes.

No Sister: The Second Floor 12" - No Sister seem to amp up the New York No-Wave sound on their second release. A lot of the guitar stuff might as well be magic to my mind, I can't even fathom getting some of those sounds from a guitar. It's a very dynamic record that goes from screeching guitars from hell to a tightly wound bass and drum break and guitars that seem to more so mime chimes. It still feels very of the time and concurrent with a lot of post-punk coming out but with a little 90s aftertaste. This record just oozes that feeling of cool, like this is the record you show your younger sibling to blow their mind.

Andy Human & The Reptoids: Kill The Comma 7" - The A-side is a typical Andy Human song and is there much left to say about Andy Human? The b-side definitely steals the show for me. I'm sure I've talked about my love of the continuous single piano note in a song, it's like the simplest most brilliant thing in music. Match that with a killer chorus and some good sax and you've got the b-side Do The Mole, which might have taken the place as my favorite song by him and his Reptoids. It's so Stooges yet still holds that Andy Human charm and style.

Cankro: Demo Cassette - Raw and nasty hardcore. This band played here last week and it was pretty amazing. The demo kind of reminds me of the last Direct Control LP. Pulling from a lot of areas within hardcore it manages to still sound fresh. It rages while feeling still feeling bouncy (not quite d-beat not quite pogo punk). Killer tape all around.

The Uglies: Keeping Up With The Uglies 12" - Blistering fast punk from Australia. It definitely brings a lot of memories of the 00's to me, maybe kind of like a more sophisticated Rabies or something while still managing to be juvenile and funny. Definitely a banger and a fun one at that.

PTSD: If You See Something Say Something Cassette - If you had a ven diagram of Goth, Post-punk and New Wave PTSD would be right in the middle. Feeling fairly misanthropic and forlorn, there's still a bounce in their step. The easy go to is probably later Blitz with the drum beats and bass and especially with the vocal effects. This doesn't have the energy of punk but still kind of has a punk feel. This one's for all you sad spooky punks.

Radiation Risks: Headless Horseman 7" - God do I like a ska song? Headless Horseman is such a catchy song overflowing with sax and energy. The b-side is a little less frantic and switches out the sax for an organ. This whole thing is just too much fun and really appeals to my sense of humor. The cover art is just rediculous and beautiful at the same time. True proof that it doesn't have to be serious to be art since these are amazingly crafted songs.

Lumpy & The Dumpers: Those Pickled Fuckers 12" - This album could easily be called The Many Faces of Lumpy & The Dumpers. There's a lot of variety in the seven songs provided here. Starting off with possibly their darkest and gritiest so far with Passing Glass. Hair On The Inside is your slimy stomper. And then what the fuck is Attention, all of the sudden there's some of the gnarliest sounding synth screaming in from nowhere. They continue to prove that they don't have to just pull out the same tricks and will procede to do what they want.

Anyways that's it for this entry. Next time I think I'll be going over the top records in my wantlist. Hope everyone's enjoying the seasonal change to the cheat sheet.

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