Outta Style Vol 8

I think I have a weird definition of a wantlist. I did all of this and after looking back I think my wantlist is comprised of things that are not balanced in price and quality. It seems to be things that I would enjoy owning but am not desperate and can be patient in waiting to find one for cheap. Like Daniel I'm more of a take what I find kind of person. I'm usually just kind of searching for genres rather than specific artists. Maybe its a hold over of shopping in stores wheere it's silly to go in looking for a specific thing. Typically though my main record buying goals are 77 and kbd punk, and usually the weirder the better. I'm also pretty regularly looking for cheap goth singles for my dj night. But there are a few records that I'm usually keeping an eye out for.

1. Mizutama Shobodan - 1st 12"
I don't know how I found this band. I play them on the radio show a lot and just recently acquired their second LP which also rules. This record is from 1981 and Mizutama Shobodan (which translates to the Polka-dot Fire Brigade) is an all female five piece from Japan. This doesn't really fall into new wave, punk or post-punk easily. There's an aggressiveness to the songs that really catches me but it all just feels kind of bizarre. There are what feels to be endless vocals layered on top of each other that makes the whole thing kind of feel like it's spinning out of control. There's some synth I think, that or the bass tone is just super unique. Unique is definitely the best word to describe this because while it holds some similarities to Kleenex maybe (I think that's a stretch but if I had to say a band) this is really just something in a league of its own. I've been listening to their second record a lot and obsessing over this one too so here's one of my favorites

2. Fatsy Wataire: Chimene Hovelicot 7"
A constant on French punk comps for a good reason. This definitely has some of the pop aesthetic of Plastic Bertrand and other French Punk. There's a kind of disco bounce to it. Especially in the first song the rhythm section kind of holds it down while they seem to just add everything they've got laying around on top of it, some fuzzy guitar, sax (which is definitely more prominent in the b-side)and even a piano that seems to just do a slide down the keys and that's it. Really this record isn't super rare but I just always have a hard time pulling the trigger on international shipping. You'll notice that I'm not going to just post bonkers stuff that I know I'll never afford. I try to stay kind of grounded. Here's the A-side

3-5. Ramones: Brain Drain/Acid Eaters/Adios Amigos 12"
I'm not big into collecting whole discographies but sometimes it just happens naturally. These are the last three Ramones albums I don't have. It's hard justifying Adios Amigos and really in the end I probably will never own it unless I find it on the super cheap since the price tag does not match the quality. Brain Drain has been difficult to track down a good copy of weirdly, not the worst Ramones album by far but not great, it has a couple hits (mostly Bonzo Goes to Bitburg) and I really like the cover of Palasade's Park. Acid Eaters is definitely the best out of the three just due to the cover of 7 and 7 Is. I've gotten every other Ramones record in the wild so I've been trying to do the same with these last few, but to be honest also not in much of a rush since I'm not dying to have these three since I am not a die hard completionist.Really it seems like I just might have convince myself these shouldn't be on my list.

6. The Stains: S/T 12"
Probably the most expensive record on my list. I am totally fine with reissues and bootlegs of which there are none of this record. I heard a while back that Frontier was in the works of reissuing this but for some reason that never came to be. This is definitely up there in my list of favorite USHC records though. Maybe something about it being pretty unavailable makes it seem cooler. This definitely has a Black Flag feel and sort of reminds me of Bl'ast in their choppy rhythms but feels a step above to me. Maybe it's the silly amount of guitar tremelo. Here's the whole album to enjoy since lord knows if this will ever get reissued.

7. Devo: B Stiff 12"
Not insanely hard to find but this compiles Devo's first three singles. Also it's hard to resist an Obi-strip. Be Stiff and Social Fools are two of my favorite Devo songs, and while they are on a single together I just really love the cover art of this and having all of the singles together. If you ever see No Love or Crete you'll probably hear me warming up with Be Stiff.

8. Count Vertigo: X Patriots/I'm A Mutant 7"
I somehow missed the Mississippi Records repress of this so am now on the hunt for it. I'm probably not going to go for an original because paying $50 per song is not appealing to me. X Patriots is a meld of Devo and The Sex Pistols but the B-Side I'm A Mutant is the real highlight, super buzzy and obnoxious. Definitely have been working on this one for my solo sets because it's such a weird cool song.

9. Takumi: Meat The Beat 12"
Not a great album all the way through but man the couple of songs that are good are REALLY GOOD. Very reminiscent of the first few Ultravox records. Really there's two songs on here that I love which sadly aren't available as singles making it hard to justify the price of this one. A lot of the reason for my want list is finding something thats price does not seem to match it's quality for cheaper. But for real, the song Reproduced Funtional on this one has made me almost drop more money than I should on this because it's that good of a song.

Ok well on to some new records that are on my wantlist (as in I think they rule and need to buy them).

BB EYE: Headcheese Hearthrob 12" - Super warbly and buzzy, off kilter at times xylophone driven “punk”.  Definitely for those who are looking for something a little less conventional.  This isn’t super outlandish though, If you appreciate Warm Bodies quirkiness then you should definitely check this out.  Poke U In The Eye is definitely the jam. 

Machine Gun: S/T 7” – Super punchy low end driven hardcore. The artwork reflects the music in that it's straight and to the point. When one song ends the next one just blares right in at full force.  This is like Negative Approach at their fastest and meanest with some better playing and a more modern approach. Possibly the hardcore rager of the year. 

Gee Tee: Death Race 7” – This is so damn catchy.  Still a little on the weird side, but mostly in how much they are able to layer and cram into a space.  Lots of depth and weird noises on top of some straight up just good catchy punk songs.  This definitely sits well in the Neck Chop catalog and seems to kind of take a lot of things done on earlier Neck Chop releases cram them together and amp them up. 

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