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Outta Style version ??? sometime in Sept. 2017

Blah Blah Blah.. busy busy busy.. jokes that probably went rancid in the 90s.  Y'all heard enough of that in the newsletter. Hopscotch is right around the corner so we've been restocking the store and moving things from one place to another place and what not and trying to get as much new stuff on the floor as possible. So there's that, if you're local come check it out.  Also we have redone the counter and the front is now covered in show flyers and looks V PUNK (it is featured partially in the photo for this post).  Come to the store and admire our work. Just another step into slowly making this place look more awesome. 
I probably won't make it out to much Hopscotch fun this weekend (I do highly suggest seeing Das Drip play at Legends on Friday if you can) but on Sunday Sorry State is sponsoring this awesome show with some Sorry State bands and new band De( )t which features some people from some things but that doesn't matter much because they rule enough on their own merit.

Hopscotch Hangover and Over  

If you aren't local don't fret, we haven't forgotten you. We obtained a bunch of stuff from another distro that they had laying about.  There are a ton of amazing 90s-10s reissues, bootlegs and dead stock of some classic punk and hardcore.  Lots of Japanese, Swedish, Finnish and other International Punk, Hardcore, Crust and the lot.  It's like going through a distro at a show in the 00s and all pretty great. On top of great records there's a bunch of great books and other various things.  A majority of it is up now but we'll be adding things throughout the week. That said here's a couple of my favorites I ran across.

Christ on Parade: Sounds of Nature 12"

An underrated rager, part anarcho/peace-punk part hardcore, holds a lot of similarity to Crucifix.  Never understood why people don't talk about this band as much. 

Here's a sick video of them playing live in '89


Gepøpel: Complete 1982-1985 12" 
The first time I heard Gepøpel was when someone showed me the great Beware the Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Compilation.  Killer fast 80s Dutch Hardcore. It has a very West Coast feeling to it because it's super fast but with the vocals more sung than shouted. Here's the song that first introduced me to them.

Various: Propaganda 1- Russia Bombs Finland 12" An all-star line up of Finnish hardcore. Really no way you could go wrong with this. Here's one of my favorites from Terveet Kadet. From the first two ep era where everything is just kind of an amazing mess with the distinctive snare drum 1-2-3-4 breaks. Attitude Adjustment: Dead Serious Demo 12" What a service it was when this came out. I had heard the Attitude Adjustment demo through some sort of blog in the 00s, I liked American Paranoia but really latched on to this demo because it sounded less like Anthrax and more like raw hardcore. Anyways yeah amazing USHC that has a lot of similarities to NYHC bands (especially similar to Urban Waste in it's speed and looseness).


Anyways ;TLDR Version- There's a bunch of cool stuff in the store. A small sampling is up above this. Go buy it because there's only one or two copies of most of it.


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