Outta Style Forever?

So I'll just get the sad stuff outta the way. While I'm editing this and getting ready to post this it is my next to last day at Sorry State Records. I'm leaving to go to another job for not punk reasons like money and health insurance but am leaving on good terms. I'll probably still be around (they can't get rid of me that easily) and depending on how my free time works out I might still do some blog posts but will no longer be a full time employee. It's been a wild five & a half years at the best job I've ever had with the best boss (and overall person), best co-workers and best customers ever. I'm pretty sad to leave but that's just how life goes sometimes.
So new year, new job and some other things changing in my life. So we're gonna start off with a couple things I would like to see change in records in 2019.

1. No more beer colored vinyl.
I'm not a huge fan of colored vinyl in general but god am I sick of Beer Colored Vinyl. It's ugly and doesn't look cool. Even as a person who drinks, I think beer really is just kind of lame so stop. Just stop.

2. Polybags with the resealable flap. NOPE
Does anyone like these things? The second I get a record with one I just throw it in the trash. I hate anything that makes listening to records more of a chore (I'm looking at you box sets). Also the adhesive strip seems to stick to everything other than the flap. Let's just do away with them, we will all live better lives without them.

3. Double LP compilations for bands who only put out one 7".
This one might not need to completely go away. There are some good compilations from bands who had a very limited amount of releases. I'm not a big fan of live stuff and don't need an lp and a half of poorly recorded live material and a couple of tracks that were never released for a reason. Just give me the 7" and maybe a couple extra tracks. If you have a bunch of extra stuff maybe just make it available digital, it doesn't all need to be on the record. Again maybe they don't need to go away but maybe we need to revamp how they are done.

4. Picture Discs
WHYYYYYYYY. Do they look cool? Yeah ok some of them do (I remember seeing that Holy Molar 10" when I was like 19 and thinking it was super cool) but really it's a novelty that should just go away, maybe make more shaped records, those look cool and don't sound like trash.

5.Oversized Jackets
Really? Really!? WHY WHY WHYWHYWHY! Why do this to yourself or anyone else who ever has to ship your record or wants to put your record in a fucking polysleeve. WHAT POSSIBLE LOGICAL REASONINING HOOPS DID YOU JUMP THROUGH TO THINK THAT THIS IS A THING THAT NEEDED TO HAPPEN!

ok now that you probably just skipped that since it's a big pile of text with no pictures here's my best of 2018 like a month into 2019. There's lots of stuff that I probably forgot about but these were the standouts.
...................................................................................... -B-E-S-T-O-F-2-0-1-8-.................................................................................

SBF: Same Beat Forever 12” (Neck Chop Records) – SBF return with a full length! I loved their 7”s and really love this LP. I was floored by how much mean and tough this record is. It still has some of the catchiness of their earlier material but just feels bigger and beefier. Awesome Lp that I know I’ll still be jamming next year.

U-Nix: Nuke Portland 12” (Feel It Records) – What a wild fucking ride. This is like playing B’last at the wrong speed (I’m talkin a 33 at 78). From beginning to end it just makes your head spin. I’d be amazed if this wasn’t on every list.

Idiota Civilizzato: S/T 12” (La Vida Es Un Mus) – YES! YES! YES! A perfect punk record from beginning to end. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone made a best of 2018 list that was only this album.

Gen Pop: II 7” (Feel It Records) – Gen Pop is a monster that can’t be stopped. Fun behind the scenes of my life story. My computer kind of died this year and I had to completely wipe it and start from zilch. Now I’m unable to put music on my phone (I’m sure it’s able to be done but I’m kind of an idiot when it comes to computers and technology). No Identity has been on my phone for almost half the year and every time it comes up in the car I get really excited because god is it such a killer song. This ep has such a cool mixture of elements of punk but it all feels natural, it’s never like “This is the hardcore song” it’s just a Gen Pop song.

Public Acid: Easy Weapons 12” (self released) - This record is so good that the band was like “Fuck a label” and put it out themselves. The burliest and heaviest of current hardcore. Makes Discharge sound like Radiohead.

Tozcos: Sueños Deceptivos 12” (Verdugo Discos) – Tozcos 7” a couple years back (wow it’s been 3 years) ruled and I loved it. Would I love a whole LP of Tozcos though? Yes, yes I would. This is so up my alley it’s dumb. It’s fast, mean and catchy. I feel like this one kind of flew under a few radars, which is borderline criminal because of how good it is. It should be on every punk's best of 2018 list. So if you haven’t listened to it yet check it out and buy a copy.

Rubble: S/T 12” (Distort Reality) - You could have told me this record came out in England in the 80s and there’s a good chance I would believe you. Do you love pogo punk? Do you love uk82? Do you love anarcho punk? If you answered yes to any of those then you’re fucking up if you don’t love Rubble and don’t own this LP.

Other Things I Dug From 2018 but ran out of time to write about them:
Rata Negra: Justicia Cosmica 12"
Mujeres Podridas: Sobredosis Cassette (Also wins for band name I had the hardest time spelling correctly in 2018)
Number Ones: Another Side Of 7"
Vittna: S/T 7" (this came out like barely at the end, it's amazing and still widly available, get it if you don't have it fool!)
ISS: S/T 7" (I for some reason thought this was in 2017, I would have written about it but you know I've gushed about ISS enough to even cover one of their songs. This band can do all the wrong but it'll still be an amazing song that will be stuck in your head and make you laugh)
Blood Pressure: Surrounded 12" (This rules just really ran out of time to talk about it)
FUUUUUCK I just thought of like a million more things I wanted to add because so many amazing records came out, a lot by really amazing people. These things are always like just asking for me to have a panic attack, this is harder than picking who we would invite to our wedding, we wanted to invite everyone but obviously couldn't afford it. I want to put every amazing thing that went in my earholes and then through my head cavity but of course I can't. To everyone I left out, you're awesome.


ps Follow my instagram KilledBySeth for occasional record related idiocy (I've been really slacking about actually posting stuff lately but am trying to make listening to records and writing about them a bigger part of my morning routine)

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