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New Release Roundup for August 6th

So it's been a little slow this week at the shop and we didn't have enough to do a video, so I'm going to give a little more of a rundown on some of the new things in the shop instead.

VARIOUS: New Center Of The Universe Vol 3 12"
It's hard to keep up with the slew of bands coming out of Australia at any given moment. The always amazing Anti-Fade records is here to help! The third instalment of the series (and first on vinyl) focuses on the scene of Victoria, Australia which I think includes Geelong and Melbourne. Note I know almost nothing about Australian geography. This one strays away from "punk" more than the other two, providing a more laid back experience. Which makes sense you have the beach there and a million animals waiting to kill you so you should kick back and relax. Maybe go down some psychedelic river in a raft like on the amazing cover art done by Carolyn Hawkins of Parsnip and School Damage (both featured on the comp!).

Anyways there's music on here and it's not quite as laid back as my description may lead you to believe. There's definitely a plethora of SSR favorites like Parsnip, Terry, Alien Nosejob, Shifters, Vintage Crop and more. I'm so excited for a new Parsnip song, I love their 7" and it really just left me wanting more, so yeah they're doing it right. Alien Nosejob reign it in a little for a more post-punky song with their trademark vocals. It definitely is a little odd but has a bounce to it. School Damage might be my favorite band that I hadn't checked out yet. Super catchy and with a very up-front organ driving it. Vocals are kind of low and reverbed out but not to the point of being muddy and indescernible. Amazing song. Also the ending instrumental by Zane Gardner is great.

TLDR; Great comp to throw on this summer or really anytime and just kick back and relax.

Various: Medellin, Columbia Punk/HC/Metal 1987-1992 Cassette
Various: Greek Punk 1982-1991 Cassette
Various: Punk Sudoamericano 1981-1990 Cassette
I won't lie to you, I haven't actually been able to check these out yet. The last batch was so good and handled with so much care though, that I don't see any way these could be bad. Even if the music isn't the best these tapes are still amazing little time capsules that are hard to pass up. So excited that these are a thing in general and that someone is willing to take their time to extend some knowledge on us.

This is super exciting for a couple of reasons. First: Scarecrow have been playing around Raleigh (and recently outside of NC) for almost a year now and have quickly become a cornerstone of the scene. Relentless d-beat that reminds me somewhat of later Anti-Cimex but not nearly as metal. Instead of taking the route of gutteral screams, the vocals have more of a punk vibe with a misanthropic bite to them. Delivered with clarity and almost a sense of dread and despair. It's super fitting that Scarecrow started out covering Dark Entries since there's an overall gloom to these songs.

This is the first release by the new Bunker Punks label run by Jeff & Usman of Scarecrow/million other bands/SSR. Labels are awesome and everyone should start their own.

Maybe I'm slightly biased on this but it rules and you're a dummy for not getting it yet.

Deseos Primitivos: Demo Cassette
This is another SSR adjacent release. New band from Oakland with Josh from Ruletta Rusa. A mixture of post-punk and anthemic '77 punk. This kind of reminds me of a more jittery Chron-Gen. Definitely really cool and catchy, definitely excited for more.

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