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#newreleasefriday: Spodee Boy, new Rancid LP, Kreator reissues, Soffocation, Obnox, Pustostany, and more!

So, first up this week (and probably of primary interest to Sorry State regulars) is the debut 7" from Spodee Boy! Though Spodee Boy hails from Nashville, it's very much in the vein of all of the great punk coming out of Northwestern Indiana for the past few years, so if you're into stuff like Coneheads, Liquids, and CCTV check this one out:

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Next up is the new album from Rancid, entitled Trouble Maker... oh those naughty boys with their wacky haircuts and other punk accoutrements! You don't want to meet them in a dark alley! If you're still hanging with Rancid in the year 2017 we've got the limited version that includes a bonus 7" with exclusive tracks:

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Next up we have the next in a series of reissues of metal classics from the great Noise Records back catalog, this time from Germany's signature thrash metal band, Kreator! We have reissues of Kreator's first four albums, all of which are pressed as double LPs (with bonus tracks from related EPs and compilations) and they look and sound great! Honestly, I think each of these first four Kreator records is better than the last, but I'll post an embed of Pleasure to Kill as it's always been my favorite for the savage "Ripping Corpse" and "Riot of Violence" (from which my buddy Matt drew his truly inspired mid-00s Myspace name, "Wyatt of Violence"):

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Check out all four Kreator reissues

Keeping with the metal theme, Suffocation have a new album today and we have some very cool-looking blue and black splatter vinyl (limited to 300 copies) for you that you can only get from indie record stores like us:

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These last two will appeal to the more adventurous of you out there. Ohio's Obnox has been going for a long time now, consistently crafting some of the most distinctive and original music out there, and his new album Niggative Approach reaches new heights. Obnox not only mashes together genres, he boils them down to a flavorful gumbo... I haven't been able to stop listening to this one since it came in the store:

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I'll leave you with one more record that's kind of more conventionally weird (if that phrase even makes sense): the debut LP from Poland's Pustostany. This is a side-project of the under-appreciated Polish band the Kurws (whose releases we've carried previously), and if you like wild and avant-garde-sounding bands that marry the energy of punk rock with the campy musical anarchism of the Ralph Records roster (though I will say Pustostany are considerably less "wacky" than most of those bands) you'll flip out for this... seriously, give it a listen!

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Of course there's a lot more in this week as well... some big indie new releases, and we got a little order from Forced Exposure with some of their eclectic titles, so as John Brannon might say, check it out!

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