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New music from Goodbye Boozy, Big Huge, Neon and Dendo Marionette

Wow. We have a ton of great stuff in so I thought it'd be a good time to do one of these.

First up we have a batch of new singles from the great Goodbye Boozy Records.

Probably my favorite is the Kid Chrome single. This thing is super intense and wild. The easiest comparison is The Spits but this is much more than just a knock off. At points it reminds me of Roky Ericson in a much more frantic way. The only dissapointing thing about this record was when I flipped it over wanting more and being crushed to find out it's one a one sided single. Still both of these songs are rippers. FFO: Punk and drum machines.

Next up is bAd bAd from Oakland. Pretty wild unhinged garage rock with lots of fun surfy guitar lines thrown in. I really dig this song, I feel like it's one of the more interesting garage songs I've heard in a while and makes me feel like they would be intense and fun to see live.

New band with Bobby Hussy. You should know by now that he is a hit making machine. This is garage rock done right.

There's even more great stuff from Goodbye Boozy in our store so check it all out HERE

I've been excited about this one for a bit. Neon truly is life. Super feedback drenched with vocals that are just drilling in to your skull through repetition. It reminds me of a cartoon car that just keeps on speeding along while all the pieces are falling off to comedically end with just the driver speeding down the road sans car. Neon is definitely one for the freaks out there.

Weird synth punk from Japan? Yes you have my attention. Well punk might be a stretch. Frozen Edge is a pretty wild song with tons of energy and a lot of weirdness that I love. Then most of the rest of the album is sparce and cold synth textures with a few more upbeat tracks mixed in. Definitely a cool release that is super well done and recommended for all those synth weirdos out there.

Do you like noodley guitars and big hooks? Look no further than Big Huge. A seemingly unlikely cast of characters from NY playing sacharine pop with that rock toughness. Also there's leads for days.

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