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New Releases in from Melters Music (Marbled Eye, Beta Boys), Deranged (Pressing On, Leisure World), Emotional Response (Typical Girls Vol 2) and Antitodo (Lockjaw)

Mondays always seem to be a big mail day at Sorry State, and today is not exception! We got a bunch of big boxes from some of our favorite labels. Here's a quick rundown of the highlights. 

First up two new releases from California's Melters Music. We're super excited to finally have the debut vinyl from Marbled Eye, who made one of our favorite cassettes of 2016. If you're a fan of Total Control's hardcore-informed pop music then Marbled Eye should definitely be on your radar

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In addition to Marbled Eye, Melters have also released the new EP from Olympia / Kansas City's Beta Boys, Hard Rock Music. A few weeks back we had copies of the limited European pressing on Goodbye Boozy, but this is the American pressing for all of you Trump supporters out there (JK!):

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Next up are two new punk records from the long-running Deranged Records. First up is the debut 7" from Leisure World, whose demo cassette we both carried and raved about a while back. Fans of burly noise rock would be well served to check this out:

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Deranged has also released a new 7" from Portland's excellent Pressing On, who should definitely be on your radar if you're into the gritty sound of 90s hardcore bands like Deathreat and Talk Is Poison:

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Next up are reissue of the two 7"s by Portland 80s hardcore anti-heroes Lockjaw on Spain's Antitodo Records. They've reissued both the band's first 7" as well as their Dead Friends EP, both of which are mega-rarities, and worthwhile listens as well if you like gnarly, Poison Idea-style nihilistic hardcore (and who doesn't?):

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And finally there's Volume 2 of the great Typical Girls compilation series on Emotional Response records! If you're the kind of person who checks in with Sorry State regularly there's a good chance that you're in the target audience for this series of compilations. This latest volume features tracks by Juanita Y Los Feos, Patsy, Midnite Snaxxx, the World, Neighborhood Brats, and many other Sorry State favorites:

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We also have other new releases and restocks from these labels, so don't forget to dig deeper into the catalog for those! 

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