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New Punk and Hardcore in Stock from Machine Gun, the Fadeaways, Negazione, Bib, and the Repos!

I figured that since there's been a bunch of great new punk coming through the distro over the past few days it was time for a quick blog roundup! First up is the debut LP from Philadelphia's Machine Gun. If you've been hanging around Sorry State's corner of the internet for a long time you know there are few things we love in this world more than perfectly-executed US-style hardcore, and Machine Guns fits the bill better than just about any band I can think of in recent memory. I really can't recommend this EP highly enough.

Next up we have a couple of new releases from Japanese bands courtesy of Secret Mission Records. The Boys Order record is really cool if you like the poppier end of Japanese punk (and it also has beautiful artwork IMHO), but this new single from the Fadeaways is a no-brainer if you always have room in your collection for more Teengenerate / Registrators-style punk from Japan:

Next we have a stone-cold classic... an official repress of one of the greatest hardcore records ever, Negazione's Tutti Pazzi EP. This is simply one of the wildest, most out of control hardcore records of all time and it's essential listening in my book. This reissue also looks and sounds great, and includes a full reproduction of the original, huge fold-out poster sleeve:

Next on the agenda is a new 7" from the almighty Bib! Now, I liked Bib's earlier releases quite a lot... those were in a kind of Blazing Eye-esque pogo style, but with this new 7" Moshpit Bib change up their style just a little bit and really find their voice. This record is really striking and feels like a really forceful aesthetic statement in a way that few others do. I'd strongly recommend checking it out:

We'll wrap things up with re-releases of two of the best 12"ers the 00s had to offer: the first two records by the almighty Repos! I'll expound upon this more in my next blog post, but the first Repos record is a killer hardcore record that (strangely enough) kind of reminds me of Direct Control at their peak. It's a great record, but Hearts and Heads Explode is where the Repos really become the Repos, fully establishing their wild and unhinged sound. If you down own these records (the originals go for quite a lot of money these days) this is a great opportunity to pick them up, and the packaging on these reissues is downright lavish:

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