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Living in a Post Record Store Day World

Record Store Day is done and over with. We are all pretty wiped here and there is still a lot of work to do in the aftermath but I thought I'd take a second to lay down the law and let you know what you should be grabbing up from our remaing Record Store Day (from here on refered to as RSD) Stock.

1. Why Are We Here? 7"
Why am I even bringing this up? Why do we still have any of these? Why was it $13? Lots of questions but the ultimate answer is this record rules. The high price tag was a bummer since everyone should own this but you know sadly we can only be in control of so much. Still this is way cheaper than an original and a good reproduction.

2. Celtic Frost: Tragic Serenades 12" (picture disc)
Their EP between To Mega Therion and In To The Pandemonium. Featuring a new version of Return To Eve from Morbid Tales. A killer ep that any Celtic Frost fan will love.

3. Voivod: Too Scared To Scream 12" (picture disc)
Their second EP. This came out around the same time as Killing Technology. Classic Voivod so you should know if you're into this or not.

4. The Mekons: Where Were You? 7"
Their second release from '78. Double A Side indeed! Killer 70s punk that combines the jitter of Wire with the melody and catchiness of the Buzzcocks and adds a little bit of a dirtier edge to it. Definitely don't sleep on this one or else you'll be asking yourself, When This Record Sold Out Where Was I?
The Mekons: Never Been A Riot 7" - Grab this one while you're at it because it also rules because The Mekons just straight up rule!

Sadly I'm out of time for this segment but here's a couple of other items that I feel like you all would enjoy!

Let us know some of your favorite releases and or scores in the comments!

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  • Ran across the Queers/chris barrows split 45. Took me back to my high school days as a big Queers and Pink Lincolns fan. Bummer I didn’t get a chance to snag a copy of the Ramones release. Might come in for the NC hardcore comp.


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