Live Fast Jeff Young: Vol. 1 - June 2017

What's up Sorry Staters?

Welcome to the first edition of my personal blog, #LiveFastJeffYoung!  As you might have read in Seth's first blog post dubbed "Outta Style", we're attempting to individually contribute blog content at a better frequency here at SSR that is more or less another vehicle for our monthly newsletter.  First and foremost, each of our blogs will primarily provide insight into our own unique perspective on all the new records that come into Sorry State!  That said, even though I maybe didn't cover quite as many records as Seth, I think you might find that in my first blog post I go on a few more tangential topics of discussion.  You'll have to bear with me as I discover how exactly to use this blog in a way that's cool and fun to read, but I also want to use this forum to talk about cool upcoming punk related events in Raleigh and the surrounding areas in NC.  As Seth mentioned, we're going to try and get these blogs up about every two weeks.  I'm on Fridays, so check back with me on June 16th!  Anyway, let's get into it:

Voivod: Killing Technology 12" - Seriously, can we talk about sick Voivod is?  Really, I could list all of the Voivod reissues we got into the store recently as recommendations, but Killing Technology just happens to be my favorite.  I'm sort of baffled that these records were never re-released until now.  Voivod is such a unique and, for lack of a better term, other-worldly band. Even coming from a place like Canada, it's not as if Voivod sounds anything like Anvil or Exciter.  Until recently, I guess they were still pretty fringe as far as heavy metal is concerned, but in Raleigh I feel like they were always part of the consciousness within my DIY/punk/whatever social upbringing. With all of my peers being into like "weirdo" hardcore, Voivod was always contextualized as: "Dude, it's like if Die Kreuzen were a metal band!"  Hearing freshly pressed wax of these records has reminded of how stoked this band gets me. The dissonant chords, proggy rhythms, and strange lyrics -- all killer. If you need a perfect low budget visualization to supplement the sound, check this out:

Speaking of Die Kreuzen, Daniel and I have discussed about how this video is one of the greatest cultural achievements in the history of mankind.  Dig this if you've never seen it:


Kurrakä: Otra Dimension CS - New cassette release from this Austin, TX band, their first release since their eponymous LP from 2014.  Though Kurrakä falls somewhere in the "dark punk" or "goth punk" territory sonically, I feel like there still is so much energy in the songwriting that keeps it exciting to listen to, rather than your run-of-the-mill, brooding goth band.  Plus, Dru the singer has such a recognizable voice, which is utilized in a few different bands, but the echo-drenched bird calls are reserved for Kurrakä.  This tape is another batch of solid, catchy songs with a heavy, gloomy sense of atmosphere.

While we're on the subject of bands that Dru sings for that haven't released material in a while, I feel like I need to mention that Criaturas also dropped some new tracks recently.  As expected, it's absolutely killer:


Aggression Pact: Instant Execution 7" -  2nd EP from Aggression Pact, a hardcore supergroup of sorts comprised of members from Boston and Richmond, VA. The songwriting, along with the vocals provided by the mighty Mark Shubert (Wasted Time, Mercy Killings), bring to mind 80s bands a la BGK that are not quite melodic, but play memorable, tuneful and even anthemic hardcore.  Instant Execution returns with the same sensibilities as the first 7" but with a clearer, punchier recordings and another batch of fist-pumping ragers that are just as, if not more, intense and memorable.  A no-brainer for HCPMFs.


Institute: Subordination 12" - So full disclosure, I haven't been at the store since we've had the new Institute LP for sale, but I didn't feel like waiting 2 weeks to write about it.  Texas punk band Institute return with their 2nd proper full-length.  On their previous record Catharsis, Institute opted for a much crisper production with primarily clean guitars that came across much more classic post-punk than their EPs.  While you can still expect the aloof, slurring vocals, this new record has a sound and vibe that is much more blown out and aggressive.  For me, it's nice to hear the guitar work be more rockin' and riff-oriented than focusing on angular, single-note melodies.  The feel of the playing and songwriting is much looser, but I think the direction is refreshing.

In my last update on the Sorry State newsletter, I mentioned that Usman (who sings in Skemäta) and I are trying to be more active about booking shows in NC.  We've got quite a few cool shows coming up at our undisclosed location called The Bunker this summer, but I'll make a more refined list of upcoming gigs in my next blog post.  Also, if you're reading this in NC and are interested in knowing more about DIY and punk shows, please hit us up to find about them!  Check out our page here: NC BUNKER PUNKS DIY

Here's a couple events that are booked and coming up soon:



That'll do it for now.  Thanks for reading!

-Jef Lep

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  • That Die Kreuzen video fucking rules. Watching it made me wonder if Siege ever did anything similar. Turns out they did! I dunno if this is old news, and the quality’s not as good, but it sure does rip:


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