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Life Of Waste: Doc. 7

What’s crackin’?

So, we’re talking about splits on this round of blog posts. I really enjoyed reading Jeff’s analysis of splits in punk and hardcore. I think it’s safe to say that for the most part split releases are not my favorite format (especially split 7”s) but there are always exceptions! Nothing beats the classics (Faith/Void, or Totalitar/Disclose as Jeff wrote about), but I found it to be a difficult task to write about a spilt that I particularly enjoy aside from the obvious. After some careful consideration, I have decided to write about probably my most spinned split that I own.

Pygmylush / Turboslut: This record might be (one of) the first record(s) I ever bought when I was 16. This split is different from most other spilts I’ve heard because both bands are so very different.

Pygmylush, featuring ex-members of Pg. 99 and other Virginia legends, has always offered a special brand of punk AND folk (esc?) tunes. They are known for their output of raging punk songs followed by slow, droney, and soothing acoustic songs. Seeing them live in the DC area was always exciting because you never really knew which set they were going to play that night; their spastic agrressive punk songs or their slow sentimental shit (which people affectionately referred to as their “loud” and “quiet” sets). This split has what I believe to be their best “quiet” material, but not my favorite “loud” stuff.

Turboslut, hailing from Washington, DC played a brand of slow droney punk. I feel like it might be easy to categorize them as a teetering on metal and/or doomy stuff, but I really don’t get that vibe from, they’re punk as fuck. This split has my favorite material of theirs by far. Extremely fuzzed out, melodic, and catchy. I believe Turboslut broke up not too long after the release of this split. I only got to see them a few times, but they also delivered a powerful live show.

Overall, a very influential record for me, as well as a very unique split in my opinion.

Some shit that fucking goes:

Hank Wood and the Hammerheads: S/T 12”: We just got the brand new Hank Wood LP in store! I’ve seen this band several times, and I know they are known for their explosive and high energy live performance. It took me a long time to come around to listening to this band on record. There is something very circular sounding about this band’s brand of punk, like sometimes I feel like there aren’t really any parts or structure; it’s more like every song is a two minute jam sesh. This band has aged well on me, and I haven’t stop listening since it’s been posted. Very Highly recommended, BABY!


Hot Snakes: Jericho Sirens 12”: Hot Snakes' first studio album in over 14 years, and it fucking slaps. Hot Snakes has a knack for song writing that I think is so unique. Riffy and suspenseful punk for true rockers, another highly recommended release!

Pick it up on Friday!

Casanovas In Heat: Twisted Steel Sex Appeal 12": Freaking awesome melodic punk from Massachusetts. This album has very distinct vibes of Bay Area style punk that is reminiscent of early Green Day, while also transcending into straight up power pop territory. This record was a very pleasant surprise, and right up my alley!

Grab it here


Jeff has a list of gigs coming up on his blog, check it out!



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