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Whats poppin’?

2017 has been a wild year for me. I moved from Greensboro to Raleigh to be closer to my girlfriend, worked as a butcher, started some new bands, did a lil bit of touring, smoked hella cigs, and got the sickest job here at Sorry State. Although 2017 was a chaotic, refreshing, and at times stressful there were also plenty of awesome releases in the midst of all this.

Some shit that I thought slapped the hardest (in no particular order):

Katasrof: S/T 7”- The finest Swedish hardcore you could ask for in the year 2017. Featuring the vocalist of Totalitar and the riff master of Heratys, we expected the best, and we got the best. So stoked to catch them at Damaged City Fest this year!

Machine Gun: 10 Hardcore Tracks 7”- Ever since I heard Machine Gun’s demo they’ve been on my radar, and they haven’t disappointed. Fast, no bullshit hardcore punk the way it should be from Philadelphia. “Everyone can Fuck off!”

Beyond Peace: S/T 7”-Who knew Iowa had riffs? I saw this band a few months ago in Raleigh and was blown away, and the recordings live up to what I saw. Self released, fast, and punk as fuck, definitely very excited to see what this band does next.

Exit Order: Seed Of Hysteria 12”- If nothing else, this was one of the most highly anticipated releases for me this past year. I absolutely loved Exit Order’s first 7”. There is something inherently suspenseful and exciting about their unique brand of hardcore. I feel like I am sitting at the edge of my seat listening to it, and I love it. Exit Order’s debut LP lives up to the hype; a modern hardcore classic.

Sheer Mag: Need To Feel Your Love 12”- This band has been a force in my life in so many ways. Ever since I heard the demo almost 4 years ago, I have played every release they put out until I couldn’t listen to it anymore and then waited patiently for the next one. Their debut LP took a step in slightly redefining what their sound is. It took a few spins of this album to truly appreciate it, those disco(y) tracks were hard to adjust to for me. I eventually came around, but still tracks like Expect The Bayonet and Milk And Honey have been my go-tos on the album. Need To Feel Your Love has without a doubt been my most-spinned record of 2017, and now I patiently wait for what they have for us next.

Bugg: S/T 12”-Released just in the nick of time, Bugg’s debut LP has made my best of list. Their demo cassette was raw and had a sort of cult following surrounding it. And although the LP has a very professional studio sound, I think it really shines on how this band was supposed to sound. For fans of classics like Dinosaur Jr., Smashing Pumpkins, Lemonheads, etc.

Glue: S/T 12”- If you don’t like Glue, fuck you! By far my favorite release of theirs yet. This band got more mature while also maintaining their classic bouncy, fuzzy, greasy sound. Another modern classic imo.

Dream Probe: Demo 2 CS- I had never heard Dream Probe until we got their cassette in the store a few months ago. Awesome and powerful hardcore punk sang in Spanish from Illinois. This band definitely got me excited, and if you haven’t listened yet you’re missing out.

Mind Dweller: Demo CS- Taking influence from heavy rockers Annihilation Time (among others), Mind Dweller are a local favorite here in the triangle, and rightfully so. Their tight, groovy, and viciously loud sound grabs the attention of denim vest bar rockers as well as basement dwelling leather clad punx. I heard they just recorded some new tracks, and if it sounds anything like the demo I’m on board.

ISS: Endless Pussy Footing 12”- Regular Sorry State customer and Raleigh local, Rich (don’t know his last name) played a part in putting out this freakin’ masterpiece. This two piece takes samples from classic punk albums and turns them into awesome dancey original punk tunes. Super bass driven (and when I say bass, I mean bass guitar…) and catchy as fuck. Can’t believe it has taken me as long as it has to come around to this band.


Honorable mentions:

Haram: When You Have Won, You Have Lost 12"

Impalers: Cellar Dweller 12”

Vittna: Demo CS

Cankro: Demo CS

Smoke Break: Everything Is Wrong CS

Deviant: Demo CS

Kaleidoscope: Volume 3 12”

The Bug: Humbug 7”

Radiation Risks: Headless Horseman Flexi

Memory Loss: Exiled CS

Kombat: In Death We Are All The Same 7”

Uniform: No Trending 12”

Some things that came out recently that I fuck with:

The Guests: Red Scare 12”- Excellent Smiths style pop featuring the Seely brothers of Sheer Mag. Self-described as “Communist Propaganda in pop music”, the Philadelphia group plays some catchy ass shit. I’ve found myself listening to this a lot recently.

Cement Shoes: Demo CS- Excellent USA hardcore from Richmond, VA. Featuring members of Firing Squad (ex), Brown Sugar, Fried Egg... Pummeling hardcore with that classic VA flavor.

Grab it here

Fury: Promo CS- To be perfectly honest I really never cared for this band, never understood the hype, thought they were boring. But that was then! With two original tracks and a cover on this cassette, it honestly has me excited for their next LP. Classic youth crew-esc, USHC style shit that makes me feel alive. Plus, all proceeds from this tape are being donated to Planned Parenthood, which is awesome.

Grab it here

That's it for me.

Cya soon,

E. Chubb

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