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Life Of Waste: Doc. 5

Whats crackin’?

This week we're discussing songs about partying. I’d like to say I’m no stranger to partying, but choosing specific tracks that I feel encompass what makes a good time to me is hard. As Daniel pointed out in his blog, partying can mean a multitude of things, and when choosing the right tunes to get you hyped it’s important to be able to read the vibe of what you’re getting into. Here goes nothing!

 Steppenwolf: Magic Carpet Ride

While on tour, or even on any fun trip, this is my go to track to get hyped for the journey. This sets the tone for me to get out there and cause some trouble. Listening to this track brings back great memories of smoking cigs and drinking van beers.


 Mean Jeans: Born on a Saturday Night

This was the first song I thought of when we decided on this prompt, and for obvious reasons. Most of Mean Jeans' catalog is filled with songs about partying and rock n’ roll, however I feel like this song is the epitome of a party animal’s anthem. Featuring such sentiments as, “I was born with a beer in my hand” and “I was born in a leather jacket” and “I ain’t never gunna cut my hair”, this song goes down as one of my all-time favorite party anthems.         


David Peel and The Lower East Side: Legalize Marijuana

Let the record show, I don’t smoke weed (no one believes me when I say that). When my old band Menthol was on tour with our friends in Laffing Gas we jammed this track several times a day. Although I don’t indulge in the jazz cabbage I identify with this song. I love a good anthem song about unity and getting messed up for the better. “Grass is not an alibi, let’s get together and get high!” (RIP David Peel)


Green Day: Geek Stink Breath

Most of these folks around here know I am unashamedly a huge Green Day fan. I try not to write about them that much for these blog posts because I feel like that’s too expected of me or has been played out before, but I feel like now is the perfect time to let loose and be able to talk about it. As far as I’m concerned, all Green Day songs (well, almost all) are party songs for me, but very few of them actually dive into partying very hard. Insomniac is by far my favorite album by them, and the general theme of this record is pretty depressing and melancholy, but Geek Stink Breath is a heavy hitting track about drug use that personifies losing control and not caring. I’m no drug addict, but songs about letting loose and not giving a fuck really get me going. “I’m on a roll, no self control, I’m blowing off steam with methamphetamine!”.


Pinhead Gunpowder: At Your Funeral

At Your Funeral is kind of a morbid song. The song is about celebrating the death of someone you hate and laughing at their family… Not necessarily the exact circumstances I would find myself partying in but hey, this song goes. “I’ll pass out cigars, bring a big ol’ cake, and a keg, yes!”.

Honorable mention: I couldn't find a good link for it, but check out the track "Porch" by Pinhead Gunpowder. It's just a 30 second song about getting drunk on a porch. My kinda tune!



Some shit that fucking goes:

Machine Gun: S/T 7”

The best thing to happen to Philly since YDI. Incredible no bullshit US hardcore in the vein of Poison Idea, Minor Threat, SSD, etc. Featuring members of Dark Thoughts and Blood Pressure, this is what hardcore means to me.

Grab it here

Pobreza Mental: Demo Cassette

Noisy/heavy sounding hardcore from New York City. It reminds me of Rudimentary Peni. All songs except for one are sung in Spanish. Definitely one of my favorite new arrivals in the store!

Grab it here


Other things:

My band Concussion just dropped our demo, give it a listen! Hopefully there will be some cassettes for sale via the Sorry State web store in the next few weeks.


My other band Public Acid (formerly known as, Holder's Scar) is doing a short tour before Christmas. Cya soon, Florida!

That's it for me.

-E. Chubb

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