John Scott's Staff Pick: January 5, 2023

What’s up Sorry State readers? It’s been a couple weeks since my last entry here. I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and has been enjoying the new year. I travelled over to Memphis to visit my family for the holidays and had a nice time just relaxing at home for a few days. We were in the area that got hit by that crazy winter storm and for a lot of the time it was under 10 degrees, so we spent a lot of time just hanging out by the fireplace. When I drove back here to Raleigh, I decided to just do the 11 hour trip in one go instead of splitting it up. I’ve always enjoyed long road trips, so it was honestly kind of nice just driving on my own for that long. I just listened to whatever music I wanted to and could stop and take a break whenever. I feel like I still had another hour or two in me by the time I got back to Raleigh at 1AM. I almost took a detour just to keep driving for the hell of it. I listened to a lot of different stuff during my drive back, but I definitely spent a lot of time listening to some good ol bluegrass, from Doc Watson, Stanley Brothers, Old & in the Way, and everything in between. It’s nice to hear about songs about visiting home in Tennessee or the mountains and towns you’re driving through. I happened to find this Doc Watson record a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it. It’s on streaming services as well so I was listening to it during my trip. It’s from a live show recorded in 1967 for the Seattle Folklore Society and also features players Clint Howard and Fred Price. I really like the entire show, but some of my favorite tracks are Way Downtown, Slewfoot, and Rank Stranger. I always love the banter in between songs on these old live albums too. It really can make it feel like you’re there at the show. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great start to the new year, maybe listen to some Doc Watson if you feel so inclined.

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