John Scott's Staff Pick: February 23, 2023

What’s up Sorry State readers, I hope everyone has been having a nice week. Once again, I’m gonna mention how nice the weather has been here in Raleigh, especially the last three days. Lately in the morning I’ve been opening up my living room window and letting the breeze in, and I’ve been playing this record by The Upsetters, Return of the Super Ape. Dominic has introduced me to the world of dub music since we’ve been working together at the store and sometimes it just really hits the spot when nothing else can. I was pretty stoked when a copy of this record came through the store recently. It’s definitely been on heavy rotation since I picked it up. My favorite track on here would probably be Crab Yars. I love just a real deep, slow burning instrumental track. It just sounds so soothing. I also always love Lee Perry’s production and all the weird sounds and noises he adds in. I’ve really been enjoying diving into the genre recently. There’s a lot of really good mixes on youtube that compile tracks from the mid 70s - mid 80s and I’ve found a lot of great songs and artists from those, and obviously whatever Dominic recommends and plays. Next time you get some nice, warm weather wherever you live, take a long walk and listen to some dub.

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