John Scott's 2022 Year in Review

What’s up Sorry State readers, I hope everyone has had a nice week. This year feels like it’s already flying by. I can’t believe it’s already the end of January. We’re doing our 2022 year end round ups here at Sorry State, so today I just wanted to list some of my favorite releases from ‘22 and also mention some of my favorite records I picked up last year. It was a great year for me, I started at Sorry State back in May and it’s been a blast working here and getting to discover so much different music. Me and Dominic listen to just about anything you can imagine in the store and he’s introduced me to so much amazing stuff. I think my love for bluegrass might’ve rubbed off a little bit on him too. Not to mention all the great punk and hardcore music I’ve been introduced to while I’ve been here. Anyways I’m gonna get on with my list now starting with my favorite new releases.


Favorite Releases of 2022

Personal Damage: Ambush 7”

Yambag: Strength in Nightmares 7”

Zanjeer: Parcham Buland Ast 7”

Scarecrow: Crisis 7”

Mock Execution: Killed By Mock Execution 12”

Savageheads: Service to Your Country 12”

Yleiset Syyt: Toisten Todellisuus 12”

Indre Krig: Destroyer 7”

Sirkka: Viivyttely 7”

Peace de Résistance: Bits and Pieces 12”


Favorite Records I Purchased in 2022

S.I.B: The Third World War 12”

I had never heard this album before till one day Daniel was in his office and was showing me how to do something on his computer. He had this album playing quietly while he was explaining something to me, but I kept catching little parts of the songs and thought to myself “man this is really good.” As luck would have it, a couple months later it received its first repressing ever and Sorry State got copies! I’ve been in love with this record ever since and anytime I’ve ever played it, someone who’s never heard it before inevitably asks what it is. I think there’s a song on this album for everybody.

Stereolab: Serene Velocity 12”

This is a great anthology album from 2006 containing some real choice cuts. I can throw this on anytime and listen to it and be happy. Definitely has become one of my go to’s to throw on for background music whenever I have people over.

Fela Kuti: Beasts of No Nation 12”

Not much to say about this one other than the music on here sounds amazing. This man knew how to make a 22 minute song the right way.

Doc Watson: Old Timey Concert 12”

I found this one just about a month or two ago over at this antique store here in Raleigh. Man, do I love me some Doc Watson. Listening to his music just makes me feel happy. This is a double LP of a live show and it’s got a bunch of my favorite tracks on here. It’s been heavily featured in my morning rotation since I picked it up.

Herbie Hancock: Sunlight 12”

I traveled out of the country over to Europe for the first time in my life this past year. It was probably the most fun two weeks I’ve ever had and I have so many great memories from it. When I was over there, I listened to the first two songs on this album on repeat, especially during my morning walks. Now whenever I hear this album it takes me back to Madrid and the feeling I had being over there for the first time and it puts a smile on my face.

Black Flag: Live at the On Broadway - 23 July 1982 12”

A great sounding bootleg of a live show from an awesome Black Flag era featuring some colorful commentary throughout the show.

Manu Dibango: Soul Makossa 12”

Best bargain bin find ever. I just threw this on one day randomly at the store and have loved it since. It instantly grabbed me with the opening song New Bell. You can’t fight the groove. Always a party pleaser.

Various: Risky Blues 12”

A compilation of the horniest blues songs you’ve ever heard, what else needs to be said? Featuring aptly named tracks such as Big 10 Inch Record, It Ain’t the Meat, Somethin’s Gone Wrong With My (Lovin’ Machine), Keep On Churnin’, and 60 Minute Man. What could be better.

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