Jeff's SSR Pick: August 18, 2022

What’s up Sorry Staters?

Welp, this feels strange. It feels like it’s been a lifetime since I’ve sat down to write for the Sorry State newsletter. As some of you readers know, Daniel, Usman and I have been absent from our home here at SSR HQ while we were on a 30-day+ European tour. We had a blast. There are so many people I wanna shout out, particularly (now that we’ve finally met) our friends for life in Golpe. What a bunch of sweeties. So cool to hang with Bry and all the Sheffield mofos, as well as Mattis and Poffen in Stockholm, finally meeting Jocke from D-Takt and Rapunk!—not to mention all the people in different cities for showing us such great hospitality. Damn, it ruled. But blah blah, I won’t bore you with a long list of all the people I was stoked to see. But suffice it to say that between all the adrenaline-fueled fun moments along with the more challenging moments in our travels, it was a life-affirming experience. Since leaving to the play the fest in Philly back in June, I’ve basically been on the road or in the air to journey and play hardcore punk for quite a while now. It all kinda feels like a blur. Such a blur that I’m having trouble wrapping my head around that it’s the end of August already. My birthday is in just a couple days, and I still feel like summer just started. I’m working my way through some post-tour blues and readjusting to normal life, but it’ll all be cool. It’s weird. I think I’m ready for a break and for life to feel more mellow for a while. But fuck man, knowing how things go, we’ll see how long relaxation lasts.

Anyway, let’s talk about records. Have y’all heard this Gripe LP yet? Goddeyum it’s killer. I think I first heard this band earlier this summer. A buddy might’ve showed it to me for the first time while I was in Philly. But it’s right up my alley. That Amdi Petersens’ Arme style riffing mixed with some chaotic aggression and totally snarling but HOOKY AF vocals. So good. This new LP is cool bc it kinda captures 2 different eras/sounds of the band. Almost like the Herätys LP. The A-side is a new recording, and the B-side is a tape from a couple years ago. It’s funny though, the first recording I heard by Gripe I think is still my favorite, which is their newest tape. Posted on the No Deal channel on YouTube (of course), their 2022 tape is called Déjame Solo. It’s just 4 songs, but I think it’s the best stuff I’ve heard from them yet. The first track “(Estás) Bajo Control” is such a banger, totally catchy ripping mid-paced like APA. But I think that it’s a good thing Gripe’s newest release is their best! I’d prefer that over the “Oh, I only like the demo” syndrome that curses so many bands. Just keeps getting better and better.

I hope this Déjame Solo tape ends up being re-released as a 7”. Fuck man, I’d put it out. But until then, this Como Acabar Contigo Mismo 12” is keeping me stoked about hardcore. Do yourself a favor and blast this hot slab while you’re up to no good.

That’s all I’ve got this round. Glad to be back. Thanks for reading.

‘Til next week,


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