Introducing Sorry State's New Release Cheat Sheet!

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of new releases we carry at Sorry State? Well, don't worry, I often feel that way too :) So, in order to help you keep abreast of all of the hottest new punk out there we're introducing a new feature: the Sorry State New Release Cheat Sheet. In this short YouTube clip you'll hear quick samples of a number of the featured new releases we're carrying at the store. We're still fine-tuning exactly how these will look and how it will all work (the idea is to make future installments even shorter so that you can catch up on all of the latest punk in just 2-3 minutes), but the idea is that we'll post these every so often. And if you want to keep track of these on YouTube, please subscribe to our channel. But for now, enjoy the first installment and please let us know if you have any ideas on how to make these things better or more useful to you.

Releases featured in this video:

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  • Hi, I am David Arriola of THE PROFANE from Paraguay. We look for Record Label. Listen my band please!! Give me your comments!!!
    David Arriola

    Listen – Download


    THE PROFANE “Unholy Rock N’ Roll“
    (New Album – 2016)
    CD – Digital

    From Asuncion – Paraguay the most dirty and damned band of Fucking Rock N’ Roll ever heard before, THE PROFANE a raw and dangerous mix of Rock N’ Roll, Punk and Metal, a lethal dose of adrenaline for your ears.

    Kicking out against the ground since 2003 with four powerful albums and many shows in the country and abroad. They are the last band standing on hard music.

    Unholy Rock N’ Roll is the name of new album released at 2016, contains 10 tracks of Pure and Brutal Fucking Rock N’ Roll, you can start ordering your CD copy and Digital (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc).

    01- Nonstop
    02- The Pact
    03- Rebel Proud
    04- Are You Ready?
    05- Out Of Control
    06- Slave Of Pain
    07- Unholy Rock N’ Roll
    08- Fuck Off Rock Star
    09- Illusions Seller
    10- Room 26

    - THE PROFANE “Unholy Rock N’ Roll” (CD – 2016)
    - THE PROFANE “Raw Sessions Vol. 1” – EPs, Demos and Live Tracks – (CD – 2013)
    - THE PROFANE “Chaosbreed (CD – 2007)
    - THE PROFANE “Death N’ Roll From Hell” (MCD – 2004)


    THE PROFANE: David Arriola – Cel: (595-985) 712-773 –

    David Arriola

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