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Hundreds of markdowns across all genres!

So, we have a bit of a space problem here at Sorry State. This shelf is meant to hold the bulk of our distro / store backstock, but as you can see it's jam-packed and there are spillover boxes all over the store:

Since moving to a bigger space isn't in the cards any time soon, we're going to try to be more aggressive about marking down old stock. There are two levels of markdowns:

The Price Reduced section contains items that have been in the store for between six months and a year. These items are all 15% off their original price. If you sort this collection by best selling items you can see that there are still some GREAT records available at even greater prices! Framtid, Vanity, Dangus Tarkus, Omegas, Violence Creeps... these are records that are too good for the discount bin, but we really need the space!

For the stuff that has been around even longer than that, we've created the Deep Discounts section. These are items that have been around for more than a year, and the prices on these items have been reduced 50% or more from their original sticker price! As is the case with the above items, there's still plenty of great stuff here! I tend to order stuff based on how much I like it, and sometimes I guess my tastes don't quite line up with everyone else's. So take advantage of my bad business decisions and save a bunch of money on some really cool stuff!

And then for your real cheapos out there, we still have the $1 bin, where every item only costs $1! 

The plan is to add stuff to these discount sections regularly, and of course I'll be sure to post here when I do so. And of course it goes without saying that few, if any, of these titles will be restocked. So get to digital digging!

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