Dominic's Staff Pick: October 27, 2022

Hello everyone, how are you all doing out there? We are officially in holiday season and whichever one and way you celebrate, have a great one.

This week we are in Halloween mode and having some fun at the store by getting into the spirit of things. Jeff and Angela have added some spooky touches to the store and we’re getting ready to drop some Halloween and horror related records for our Friday used new arrivals for our locals. Anyone coming into the store in costume will get a spooky discount on records they buy, and everyone gets candy. Yay!

There was also another holiday this week, and that was the Indian Festival Of Lights called Diwali. The celebration of good conquering evil. Darkness replaced by light. The festival is spread over several days, but the high point was this past Monday. As the radio show I do was on Monday, my partner Matt and I did an all Diwali special and played nothing but Bollywood soundtracks and Indian music. Some newer things, but mostly classic 60s, 70s and 80s stuff. We had a lot of fun with it and if you enjoy the sound of the sitar and funky Bollywood beats, you might like to listen. Check it out here if you are so inclined.

Whilst pulling records last week to play for the show I found a cool compilation that I bought from Finders Keepers Records a few years back. It’s called Bollywood Bloodbath and was originally released in 2011, although in 2020 a limited reissue was pressed on color vinyl. It’s subtitled The B-Music Of The Indian Horror Film Industry and was conceived and compiled by label honcho Andy Votel, who also provides the liner notes. Most of the material is from the 1970s, but some tracks date back further and there are one or two from the 80s. Bollywood horror movies were a different beast altogether from their US and European contemporaries. They were still very theatric and featured over the top dance scenes and the music, although slightly horror themed, was not that creepy. Actually, kinda groovy and funky in places. Typical for Bollywood movies.

On this collection, Votel has selected tracks that combine the over-the-top Bollywood sound with aspects that you would expect on a horror soundtrack. Weird synth sounds, screaming voices, odd time signature changes, crashing chords… they’re all here but never too much in all honesty as Bollywood vampires need a good beat to dance to. It’s still cool though, and the hours of viewing these old movies to find these choice nuggets were well spent by Andy Votel and I’m grateful to have this nifty collection of some of the best moments from these films on vinyl. There are some names in the credits that those of you who are Bollywood fans will recognize, like that of R.D. Burman and he along with all the other producers featured here really do work wonders in creating these sounds from, for the most part, humble and primitive studio setups.

If you are already familiar with the great label that is Finders Keepers and know who Andy Votel is, you might also know that he is a pretty good DJ, who has released several fab mixtapes over the years covering all sorts of genres that the label covers. He did one for the Bollywood Bloodbath release and mixed in tracks used for the collection with lots of other samples and sounds from the films. It’s a fun listen and should make sense of what I have been talking about and why I think it’s cool. Click here to enjoy.

I’ll let you return to your regularly scheduled Halloween programming now, but hopefully there are a few of you out there that might find this side of the Horror genre interesting and cool. Thanks for reading and your support. See you next time. Don’t eat too much drug laced candy.


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